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Standpoint Software: Enhancing Patient Care Team Performances

Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solutions Companies - 2022

The COVID-19 pandemic has driven the healthcare and medical sciences industry toward pushing their limits as the entire world witnessed public health officials, vaccine developers, and essential workers leverage tech-driven innovation to boost their patient care delivery. In addition, increasing investment in artificial intelligence (AI) is fuelling innovations in the healthcare sector. AI is augmenting the way humans interact with and consume information, transforming patient experiences with technology, revolutionizing how clinicians practice medicine, and expanding the horizons of the overall industry.

AI with machine learning has automated the healthcare sector, greatly reducing the time invested in various healthcare processes. Additionally, these technologies also play a major role in aggregating and analysing healthcare data, converting it into actionable insights capable of boosting physicians’ ability to deliver impactful care. AI is also helping patients with day-to-day processes such as in speech recognition via intelligent natural language processing (NLP) while its combination with mechanical actuators and robotics is giving rise to bionic limbs and robot-assisted surgery that can enhance a surgeon’s accuracy and precision. AI is also powering virtual assistants to help patients with their medication and appointments scheduling while enabling effective predictive analysis for better patient monitoring and detecting early signs about potential risks.

Keeping in mind such drastic changes in technology, we have put together this edition of Healthcare Tech Outlook to assist healthcare organizations in finding the foremost solution providers that can help them effectively navigate the ever-evolving artificial intelligence space. In this edition, we have compiled a list of some of the prominent artificial intelligence solution providers alongside insights from subject matter experts on the latest trends, best practices, and innovations in the healthcare AI arena.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2022”

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solutions Companies

  • Standpoint Software was founded to coordinate precision care for patients. The company's software ETHoS is focused on providing a unified location with 24/7 synchronous communication between lead physicians, their teams and all other stakeholder involved in the patient's care pathway. The augmented intelligence allows them to perform deep insight analysis, predict patient outcomes, and reduce costs while communicating seamlessly with graphical evidence.

  • DocLinks is a cloud based electronic medical record solution changing the way the healthcare industry captures, manages and centralizes patient medical records and streamlines the diagnostic and treatment processes. Through the powerful and fully integrated online modules, DocLinks™ provides the essential tools that enable healthcare professionals to fully automate their practices and to efficiently and securely connect with hospitals, diagnostic imaging centers, pharmacies, laboratories, peers, and patients

  • Fifth Eye provides clinicians unique, real-time information on patient status to avoid a crisis via early awareness and intervention of emerging problems. The company's flagship offering, the AHI System, is the first and only FDA-cleared software that leverages an analytic to continuously detect and predict the risk of future episodes of hemodynamic instability 48 minutes ahead of vital signs. Unlike many early warning systems that require manual inputs of vital signs or EHR data, Fifth Eye's AHI system automatically collects data from a continuous ECG signal alone and converts it to hemodynamic status every two minutes. Thus, the AHI System reduces nursing surveillance burden and potentially reduces adverse events by raising awareness of the hemodynamic trajectory of every hospital patient.

  • Activ Surgical is a pioneering digital surgery imaging startup that is developing groundbreaking intraoperative surgical intelligence hardware and software. It is building hardware-agnostic surgical software that allows minimally invasive surgical systems (laparoscopes, arthroscopes and robots) to autonomously collaborate with surgeons which will enable surgeons in the operating room to view critical physiological structures and functions, like blood flow, that cannot be seen with the naked eye. The platform will act as the “brain,” enabling applications that have the potential to mitigate surgical error, enhance patient outcomes, and dramatically improve savings to healthcare systems

  • Analytical Wizards

    Analytical Wizards

    Analytical Wizards is revolutionizing healthcare analytics by combining AI & advanced analytics, technology and healthcare expertise to accelerate business performance. Their products and solutions are advanced analytics & AI platforms with data-agnostic engines that scale with your business needs. It empowers clinical and commercial teams to drive performance by analyzing big data as well as enables teams to proactively predict emerging patients and patient-level outcomes. It automates complex analytic models using tools that expedite efficient big data mining using artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) power to uncover deep insights


    ClosedLoop is the end-to-end data science platform combines leading-edge AI tools and automation capabilities with healthcare-specific content, making it easy for HCOs to transform their data into accurate and explainable predictive models. We make it easy and affordable for healthcare organizations to use data science to improve quality and reduce costs. Our technology consists of two key pillars - a healthcare specific machine learning automation platform and a catalog of pre-built predictive and prescriptive models that can be customized and extended based on your local population needs

  • CloudMedx


    CloudMedx consists of dedicated team of engineers, data scientists, doctors, innovators, and creative thinkers from across the globe. It is united in its drive to use technology to simplify healthcare and make it work better for everyone involved. Using data, machine learning, and predictive analysis, it is uniting healthcare across the continuum and benefitting patients, payers, and doctors alike. Its deep learning platform is highly adaptable. It is directing layers of data to empower patients, provide insights into complex health conditions, and anticipate critical resource needs. It has created an end-to-end solution that offers actionable foresight

  • Enlitic


    Enlitic is a medical intelligence company that believes in evolving patient care. Since 2014, They have developed technologies that improve how intelligence is used by eliminating inefficiencies in every stage of the clinical workflow. Enhance the capabilities of patient care through innovative technologies that empower medical professionals. CURIE intelligence analyzes images and detects abnormalities enabling identification, measurement and worklist prioritization in addition provides insight and analysis models that help prevent over or under-called findings

  • MilagroAI


    The MilagroAI platform fully automates the current complex, manual, costly process of EMR data preparation and clinical data understanding. Health systems are using the MilagroAI platform to automate complex and costly repetitive tasks such as surveillance for Hospital acquired infection or coding and speedup dramatically the process of developing new AI based predictive algorithms with better results. It offers fully automated real-time surveillance for Hospital Acquired Infections, rapid development of AI-based predictive algorithms within existing workflows for problems such as early detection for bloodstream infection and readmission risk

  • Oncora Medical

    Oncora Medical

    Oncora's intuitive software platform allows all stakeholders to capture and apply real world data for all healthcare related decisions, for the benefit of the patient. Improving quality of care and outcomes for cancer patients requires collaboration between physicians, scientists, cancer centers, and patients, our adaptive data capture technology collects the most important oncology data elements for each patient and automatically generates clinical notes, naturally in the physician’s workflow