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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2018

The espousal of artificial intelligence (AI) in healthcare is on the rise and solving a variety of issues for patients, care providers, and the industry as a whole. From designing treatment plans through assistance in repetitive jobs to supervising medication or creating drugs, AI is bringing a paradigm shift to healthcare. The most evident implementation of AI in healthcare is data management—collecting, storing, normalizing, and tracing the lineage of medical records to provide clinicians with literally all the information they need to make viable decisions. Into the bargain, artificial intelligence is also envisioned to make a huge impact on precision medicine and genomics. Mutations and linkages to diseases can now be pursued by identifying patterns in large data sets of genetic information and medical records. A fresh batch of computational technologies is underway, embodying the capacity to detect what will happen within a cell when DNA is altered by genetic variation—be it natural or therapeutic.

Meanwhile, AI is even powering a serious debate on whether machines will eventually replace human physicians in the future. While the answer to this is yet to unfold, AI is definitely fostering better clinical decision making while also serving as an alternative for human judgment in specific functional areas of healthcare such as radiology.

Companies striving to mount higher in the healthcare value chain look for the best solution providers. To help CIOs navigate this flourishing landscape, a distinguished panel of selectors, consisting of CEOs, CIOs, VCs, industry analysts, and Healthcare Tech Outlook’s editorial board has shortlisted the top artificial intelligence solution providers that are at the forefront of meeting the urgent needs of the industry. The listing offers a look at how these solutions are put to use, thereby enabling you to gain a deep insight as to how they will optimize businesses.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook’s Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers - 2018.

    Top Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies

  • Automating the medical visit by AI to enhance the primary care experience and fundamentally reduce the cost to run clinics

  • iCAD is a market leader in advanced breast cancer detection software solutions built on artificial intelligence, that enable radiologists to find breast cancers earlier while improving reading workflow.

  • A data analytics and healthcare IT company focused on improving efficiency and profitability through workforce and workflow optimization for clients

  • Implements artificial intelligence enabled triage, consultation and diagnostics services at the point of care of patients

  • Provides an AI-powered research engine that automates the discovery process, connecting the dots across a myriad of internal and external data sources

  • Ayasdi


    Aims to solve mission critical healthcare challenges through intuitive, powerful AI applications

  • GNS Healthcare

    GNS Healthcare

    Provides technology, services, and solutions that match drugs, medical procedures, care management programs, and medical devices to individuals

  • Hindsait


    Offers Artificial Intelligence platform which enables Payors and ACOs to improve quality ratings and reduce unnecessary services, errors and fraud

  • Infermedica


    Offers AI diagnostic engine that can be integrated into 3rd party products or services such as electronic health records or mobile health applications

  • Medial EarlySign

    Medial EarlySign

    Creates AI-powered software tools that give health professionals robust risk predictors that enhance care management opportunities