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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Companies - 2021

In 2021, it’s quite evident that the buzzword artificial intelligence (AI) is finding its way into everything– from advanced quantum computing systems and leading-edge medical diagnostic systems to consumer electronics and “smart” personal assistants. Causing widespread disruption in almost every industry, AI is helping businesses to improve customer experience and manage functions better. For instance, AI-enabled assistance enables firms to improve their customer service by offering better response time and interaction, optimizing sales tasks, and streamlining workflow processes. Besides, AI-powered automated decision-making has made data more versatile and easily accessible, making reliable and accurate information available to business leaders. In addition, AI-based tools are even cutting down operational costs by bringing real-time connectivity within company workflows.

Keeping in mind such drastic transitions, we have compiled this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook in order to assist organizations in the task of finding accomplished solution providers and consulting companies to help them navigate the artificial intelligence realm. In this edition, we have listed Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2021 and Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Consulting Companies 2021 to highlight the enterprises that can escalate the chances of your growth. Equipped with innovative technological capabilities, these enlisted solution providers and consulting companies are transforming businesses at the cloverleaf of disruptive technologies like artificial intelligence. Besides, the magazine comprises insights from subject-matter experts, CIOs, and CXOs in the artificial intelligence sector on the latest industry trends, best practices, recent innovations, and highlights their expertise. We hope this issue of Healthcare Tech Outlook helps you build the partnership you and your organization need to foster an environment driven by robust and efficient technology.

We present to you Healthcare Tech Outlook, “Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Solution Providers 2021.”

    Artificial Intelligence Solutions Companies for Healthcare

  • Activ Surgical builds hardware-agnostic surgical software enabling minimally invasive surgical systems (laparoscopes, arthroscopes, and robots) to collaborate with surgeons autonomously.On a mission to enable real-time and best-in-class surgery for everyone, the company has introduced a revolutionary surgical intelligence platform—ActivEdge™—that empowers surgeons to make better-informed decisions, improve patient outcomes, and provide savings to healthcare systems.With its ActivEdge platform, the company aims to build the world's first networked surgical platform powered by cloud compute. With the help of ActivSight and ActivInsight, surgeons across the globe can provide insights into multiple procedures in real-time through crowdsourced network data

  • Analytical Wizards is a multi-national company of seasoned data scientists, senior pharmaceutical and retail experts, and technology innovators

  • A healthcare technology company with a vision of restoring the care in healthcare

  • Exponential AI drastically accelerates the process of building, deploying, and scaling enterprise-grade AI solutions enabling evidence-based decision making, accelerating automation of complex enterprise processes, and continuously gathering feedback to nurture and curate the strategic and operational knowledge of the models it operates. Exponential AI promises that all organizations can bring their automation dreams into reality in less than three months. The platform has several advanced features and functionalities that allow it to orchestrate multiple AI building blocks and solution components as well as leverage AI and ML techniques to extract and enrich unstructured information to deliver actionable insights

  • The company harnesses the full power of EMRs and revolutionizes the ease, cost, and speed with which medical data solutions are created to help clinicians save lives, reduce healthcare costs and improve outcomes

  • Verantos provides turnkey solutions to implement high-validity studies by applying advanced technologies to deliver insights for pharmaceutical firms to use in collaboration with regulators, payers, and providers. It combines advanced data and technology into a secure platform to offer high-validity evidence. Verantos provides the most rigorous and credible real-world evidence studies in the industry, using advanced technologies. Verantos focuses on the medical sciences, with a specialization in cardiovascular medicine, neuroscience, immunology, and metabolic syndrome. Verantos offers a boutique experience to its clients throughout the pilots and clinical studies to ensure that all stakeholders are engaged with the process, and success criteria are met

  • Cyrcadia Health

    Cyrcadia Health

    Cyrcadia Health is building a bra insert to screen for breast cancer and potentially reduce unnecessary procedures

  • Enlitic


    Enlitic provides high quality software-as-a-medical device to radiologists, with a commitment to meet or exceed applicable regulatory, statutory, and quality requirements, in support of improving patient healthcare

  • Fabric Genomics

    Fabric Genomics

    Fabric Genomics is making precision medicine a reality by facilitating clinical labs, hospital systems, and country-sequencing programs to develop, deploy, and scale genomic testing

  • Qventus


    Offers an AI-based software platform that helps hospital teams make better operational decisions in real-time