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Health Navigator: AI Decision-Support Tools that Improve the Patient and Provider Experience

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Hospitals and healthcare organizations around the world are looking for ways to integrate Artificial Intelligence (AI) into patient and provider-facing workflows. Health Navigator has developed a set of AI tools, delivered through web services, which organizations can use to easily develop health bot, symptom checker, and telehealth applications.

Health Navigator is a health information company with a long-view curation approach to content development. Health Navigator AI tools reflect nearly 20 years of experience, research, and testing in telehealth and consumer symptom triage. Its founder, David Thompson MD, has been a leader and pioneer in digital health and telemedicine. The majority of medical call centers in North America use telephone triage guidelines developed by Dr. Thompson and his editorial team. Jeffrey Schwartz MD, president of the company, affirms that “Health Navigator sets the standard for digital health clinical content quality, across multiple channels and the continuum of care, improving the patient and provider experience, from the presenting complaint to the final diagnosis and treatment.”

What artificial intelligence tools does Health Navigator provide? A fundamental requirement for any AI system is a clinical vocabulary. A vocabulary is essential to allow interactions with human users, organize and store user responses, and develop complex healthcare expert systems.

Health Navigator sets the standard for digital health clinical content quality, across multiple channels and the continuum of care, improving the patient and provider experience

Health Navigator has and licenses a proprietary clinical vocabulary as a foundational element in its platform.

“Every medical or digital health encounter begins with a reason for visit (chief complaint)”, according to Dr. Thompson. The Health Navigator natural language processing (NLP) engine is a unique AI technology designed to function and act much like a physician or nurse would when listening to a patient. This technology takes the everyday words people use to describe their symptoms and converts them into meaningful medical information that can be utilized by digital health applications and medical providers.

Health Navigator provides two other useful artificial intelligence tools that are useful for building digital health and telehealth applications: a triage engine and a diagnosis engine. Both are expert systems that accept as inputs: age, gender, pregnancy status, symptoms, known medical problems, and other clinical factors. The triage engine uses a decision tree algorithm to make a triage level of care recommendation and answer consumer questions such as “do I need to see a doctor and when?”” The diagnosis engine is a proprietary knowledge-based inference engine that uses Bayesian logic to output a list of causes sorted by likelihood.

By automating these people dependent processes with AI tools, it is possible to reduce cost and improve efficiency. With 20+ years of medical research and clinical content development, Health Navigator works with eHealth, telemedicine, and other healthcare organizations to deliver the highest quality evidence-based digital health content that improves patient care, promotes patient safety, and enhances both the patient and provider experience.