Apervita: Unlocking the Power of AI at Scale

Apervita: Unlocking the Power of AI at Scale

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Paul Magelli, Co-Founder & CEO, ApervitaPaul Magelli, Co-Founder & CEO, Apervita
Artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) are pervasive in every industry, and healthcare is no exception. However, applications of AI in healthcare have been niche, using specific data sets to deliver specific insights for discrete clinical use cases. AI is only as powerful as the data it runs on and the endpoints it’s connected to. With siloed data sources and disparate end points, AI-driven insights are difficult to deliver at the point of care and share among and between organizations.

The key to AI’s power is scale. In order to realize the true value of AI, healthcare organizations require a cloud-based platform that can leverage the breadth of data and end points required to make AI useful.

A startup making this scale possible is Apervita. The company’s Apervita is a healthcare cloud platform that empowers organizations with the tools to deliver distributed insights at scale. The company enables organizations to intelligently optimize not just clinical delivery, but also financial, supply chain, and human resource workflows, using AI to foster operational intelligence. The Apervita cloud platform allows for the computing power needed to improve AI at the edge.

With the vision of creating a network that connects every healthcare organization, Apervita’s platform allows providers, payers, regulatory agencies and the government to create and share data and applications to interact with each other while having complete ownership of their data. The platform enables organizations to integrate insights with endpoints like electronic health records, data warehouses and business intelligence solutions.

One of Apervita’s applications, ePathways, reduces clinical variation and improves outcomes with the power of AI.

ePathways digitizes medical guidelines and applies them dynamically to real-time patient disease states, making intelligent recommendations to providers for the most accurate and effective treatment plans.

“AI is incredibly useful in understanding patient context and tailoring a plan for an individual patient,” says Paul Magelli, Co- Founder and CEO of Apervita. “The computer doesn’t replace the human. The computer assists the human so that difficult work can be done more quickly in a more informed way.”

With a platform like Apervita, the data used for AI is more holistic than a point solution because it incorporates data that reflects the longitudinal lifespan of the patient, sourced from both in and out of the hospital.

“AI requires more data, and more data makes for a better solution,” says Apervita president Ken Jakobsen. “Because we allow organizations to collaborate, we unlock the power of scale with AI. Platforms give you more data and more endpoints, making AI more valuable.”

Platforms are not just good at ingesting data from different sources, but also at integrating with many different AI solutions, endpoints and workflows.

“The value of what AI can bring is useless unless you can get it into workflow,” Magelli says. “Apervita provides access to all the data and endpoints needed in order to deliver insights to people that can use them.”

Using AI, Apervita reduced mortality at a leading national hospital by intelligently predicting postoperative bleeds. The AI model not only outperformed surgeons in accuracy, but also in timing. Previously, doctors were relying on their own clinical pattern recognition using a minimal number of data points to predict postoperative bleeds. An AI platform algorithm looks at dozens of data points continuously and adjusts in real-time, reducing clinician workload while improving outcomes by becoming more intelligent over time.

Apervita’s platform and AI are built specifically for healthcare.

“Most AI solutions are just that—a single solution,” Magelli says. “Apervita goes beyond solving for one problem with one use case or predictive tool. With our platform, we empower organizations to get the most out of artificial intelligence for many use cases across many systems and end points.”

Apervita News

Fast-Growing Healthcare Startup Apervita Announces New VP of Talent

CHICAGO- Apervita, Inc. today announced it has named Liz Vellojin as VP of Talent, a new position at the healthcare cloud platform company.

Vellojin brings over 13 years of experience in strategic recruiting leadership roles for incubated and pre-IPO product-based technology companies. She was previously the Head of Talent Strategy at Vivid Seats, the largest independent online ticket marketplace. Prior to that, Vellojin led efforts to scale Outcome Health (formerly ContextMedia Health) from 100 to 600 people in 2 years.

"We are in a phase of unprecedented growth at Apervita and we needed a leader who fully embodies that growth mindset," said Apervita president Ken Jakobsen. "Liz is a self-described 'high-growth enthusiast.' She knows how to build a people-first culture that can rapidly scale."

Healthcare enterprises are increasingly looking to cloud platforms to speed up their time to value and remove cost. Apervita is enabling that transformation. In 2018 the company grew annual recurring revenue over 1,000% and went from 24 to over 2,000 healthcare enterprises on the platform.

"Talent and culture are at the core of successful businesses," Vellojin said. "My vision is to build a Human Enablement Department that puts people first, catapulting Apervita toward achieving its mission of transforming the healthcare industry."

Vellojin believes in a values-driven recruiting process, which she says is particularly important in healthcare.

"There are a lot of great product companies out there, but you rarely find such an opportunity to create real human impact," she said. "The Apervita platform improves the lives of millions of patients every day while removing massive cost. That is something I'm proud to be a part of and excited to have the opportunity to help grow."