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AI in Pharmaceutical Drug Development
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A significantly faster, and low expensive drug discovery process with lower risk and more effective results are the prioritized targets for many pharmaceutical companies. A major revolution in digital technology augmented the natural capabilities...

Workflow Strategies for Reducing Physician Burnout
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The digitization of the healthcare industry holds promise but also introduces a new set of problems. Physician's burn out is the chief amongst them. Burnout combines emotional exhaustion, depersonalization, and a sense of reduced personal...

Introducing the Concept of Uber-Customers vs. Customers in Healthcare
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Eugene Kolker, Chief Data Officer, Seattle Children's Hospital (SCH)

Today Healthcare is at the crossroads of many business, emotional, political, and societal issues. One of the questions people ask concerning Healthcare is: “How can it assist me personally to improve my health effectively and...

Potentia Analytics: Fostering AI-Driven Workforce and Workflow Optimization
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Dr. Shahram Rahimi, Co-Founder & CTO

A data analytics and healthcare IT company focused on improving efficiency and profitability through workforce and workflow optimization for clients

Health Navigator: Clinical Documentation and Workflows for Telemedicine
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Dr. David Thompson, Founder & CEO

Develops best-in-class digital decision-support tools and clinical vocabularies to quickly deliver convenient telehealth and triage care