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Catching up with Culture Through Digital Health
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Dennis S. Jolley, MPH, Med, Vice President of Institutional Advancement, Gillette Children’s Specialty Healthcare

Technology has revolutionized how people interact with each other and the companies from which we buy goods and services. Every major sector has been forced to reimagine how, where and when they deliver goods and services. Healthcare has been a...

Cybersecurity Tactics for Healthcare Providers
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To reduce the hazard of successful cyberattacks, IT and security teams must be constantly aware of the new methods designed to infiltrate networks and translate them into novel tactics in their security efforts. FREMONT, CA: The need to...

Where does the Healthcare Revenue Cycle Management Market Stand?
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According to a research report, the global healthcare RCM market is projected to register a CAGR of 12.2 percent over the estimated period of 2017-2027. FREMONT, CA: In recent years, healthcare revenue cycle management (RCM) software has gained...

In Health, the Power of Content is the Power to Transform Lives
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Lyn Falconio, CMO, Publicis Health [EPA: PUB]

Content creators and engagement strategists for health are accelerating on all fronts towards relationship-driven content — specifically, creating invitational, collaborative, dynamic, two-way content that puts people and their needs first....

How Technology Facilitates Enhanced Healthcare Compliance
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Current HIPAA guidelines need healthcare entities to give electronic medical records within 36 hours of the request, unlike the previous version with no time limit. What the rule implies is that cloud-based healthcare infrastructure is a must-have...

Three Ways IoT is Utilized in Healthcare Industry
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IoT equips healthcare professionals to provide timely and appropriate treatments, mainly when the patient is unable to travel. FREMONT, CA: With technological developments such as IoT (Internet of Things), a whole new world has opened up, in...

How is AI Revolutionizing Healthcare Industry?
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When AI is applied to the surface plasmons, the results can assist in detecting and treating cancer and do in-vitro studies of neuron cells. The technology also holds promise in the biomedicine and molecular diagnostics fields. FREMONT, CA: The...

Can Better Dental Innovations Bring Advanced Treatments?
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The better the innovation is for the dental specialists to utilize, the more helpful it will be for the obligatory visits for individuals.  FREMONT, CA : Healthcare advances in new ways consistently, and the advancements that are...

The Intersection of Healthcare Compliance and Technology: How Our Organization Uses Technology to Operationalize Our Program
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Karyn Holley, FACHE, RN, MSHA, CHC, CPHRM, Director of Corporate Compliance, Inspira Health Network

Over the past few years, the healthcare compliance industry has increasingly incorporated technology to facilitate the operation of an effective compliance program. According to the Office of Inspector General, any effective compliance program...

Compliance And it Security: Perfect Together
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Robert Kay, CCO, American Academic Health System

The attention of health care compliance and privacy professionals once centered on misdirected faxes or the documents of one patient mistakenly comingled with those of another. Now, on any given day, we deal with phishing attempts, ransomware...

Here Are Some Elements of an Efficient Compliance Program
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A foundational component is a written code of conduct, which guides the organization’s operations and articulates an obligation to compliance by all. FREMONT, CA: Healthcare is the most heavily regulated industries. Healthcare businesses,...

Accelmed Invests $100 Million For Healthcare Tech Startups
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The new $100M will address the problems faced by entrepreneurs in raising capital for their novel devices. FREMONT, CA: A new fund worth $100 million has been launched for pre-revenue medical devices and digital health startups. This is...

This Is How AI Helps With Revenue Cycle Management In Healthcare
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AI manages the revenue of the healthcare provider by allowing them to achieve operational efficiency, compliance and optimal reimbursement. FREMONT, CA: Artificial Intelligence (AI), presently dominating the headlines, is harnessed to assist...

Here are the Trends that Shape the Healthcare
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Emergences of new technology with the advancement of existing ones create new opportunities for healthcare professionals to diagnose and treat patients with more efficiency. FREMONT, CA: Technology is widely employed in almost all the...

TruMed System's Latest Succession of AccuVax Vaccine Management System
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Jesper Ostergaard Jensen, President & CEO, Accuvax® Vaccine Management System

The upgraded model, AccuVax ES, builds upon the advantages AccuVax systems deliver to healthcare providers and add a refrigerated drawer. FREMONT, CA: TruMed Systems, one of the fastest growing vaccine storage and handling business launched an...

Patient Engagement through Digital Health Applications
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Kamal Jethwani, MD, Partners HealthCare

One of the first validation studies we completed at Partners HealthCare Pivot Labs was on a mobile application for diabetes patients, who would receive text message alerts reminding them to get up and move or take their medication. But the data...

Interoperability of Healthcare Data: No More Excuses
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Jaquie Finn, Head of Digital Health, Cambridge Consultants

It was back in the 1960s when the introduction of Electronic Health Record (EHR) systems allowed a full clinical picture of an individual’s health data to be collated into one place. With the promise of improved care coordination from...

Pharmacy Automation Revisited
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Anna Clark, Senior Director of Pharmacy, HealthTrust Europe

Pharmacy automation offers numerous benefits to both patients and health and care providers, however not all have been able to take advantage of it. With increasing pressure on pharmacies now may be the right time for providers who want to...

Addressing Challenges in the Pharmaceutical Industry with AI: Where to Play and How to Win
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Dr. Eddie Guzdar, Physician, Medical Director of Neuroscience, Sanofi Genzyme UK and Ireland

The traditional simplified pharmaceutical business model of developing medicines and then marketing them to physicians has already changed, and this will evolve even further with artificial intelligence (AI) related digital technology. Our...

Raising Citizen AI
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Jared Mabry, Chief Information Officer, HCA Healthcare UK

Going back just a few years, the general public’s perception of AI was the stuff of science fiction, now it’s an everyday reality, from facial recognition on selfies to automated online customer service we interact with it every day...