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Black Book Launches Updated Mobile Healthcare Survey Apps, Announced Today
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Black BookTM, the acknowledged leader of unbiased and vendor agnostic healthcare product and services research, announced today the release of their newest mobile applications. The native iOS and Android applications are available immediately...

The Inevitable AI revolution in the Healthcare Technology
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to seep into Healthcare Industry. Healthcare organizations are generating and collecting enormous amounts of data and the conditions are ripe for AI to change the industry forever. Researches are being done by...

Creating Satisfactory Healthcare Communication: Here's How
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Healthcare Technology and IoMT (Internet of Medical Thing) are unquestionably creating a new revolution in the world of medicine, promising a better future and a longer lifespan. Health services organizations today require technologies that will...

Digital Solutions for Chronic Disease Prevention and Management: The Promise and Reality
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Dan Sheeran, CEO, HealthSlate

The Glass is Half Full Over the past five years a tremendous amount of excitement has developed about the potential role that “digital therapeutics” can play in preventing and managing high-cost chronic conditions such as diabetes...

3D Printing-The Third Industrial Revolution
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Cathy Lewis, Chief Marketing Officer, 3D Systems

Over the past 20 years, the Internet has enabled rapid mass access to information, and in the past five years, Facebook and Twitter have transformed the way we share and gather our news and experiences. Now these information and communication...

A Unique Web-Based Opportunity For Accredited Investors
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Nin Desai, CEO, NIN Ventures

The Crowdfunding industry has grown from $16 billion in 2014 to an estimated $34 billion in 2015. However, many still wonder, what is Crowdfunding? Crowdfunding is the practice of funding a project by raising contributions from a large number of...

Next Generation Visualization and pharma
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Mark Hoffman, Chief Research Information Officer, Children’s Mercy Hospital

If you have been a gamer in your life or have seen somebody moving their head in awe with their cell phone attached to goggles, you’ve probably already been exposed to the next generation of data visualization technologies. Virtual reality...

Revolutionizing Healthcare IT
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Helen Figge, Chief Communications & Public Relations Officer, CareFullyInc. Health 2.0 Boston, Chair

Challenges in the Healthcare IT Industry The biggest challenge in the healthcare industry is using technology to assist in complying with new government requirements and mandates. Currently, we are living in an era of the nuances of various...

Influence of Social Media on Healthcare
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When a study showed that an average American spends over two hours a day browsing social media sites, strategists in the healthcare industry lost no time in leveraging it to reach out to their target audience. Also, social media is said to account...

When My Stethoscope Reaches Your Living Room
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Dr. Chris DeRienzo, System Chief Quality Officer, Mission Health

At the dawn of America in 1776, the everyday practice of medicine reached deep into citizens’ homes. Colonial physicians lived on house calls, and for the next two centuries the home environment served as the primary locus of the...

The Tao of Cyber Security in today's reality
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Marc DeNarie, CIO, NaturEner USA & Canada

Undefined Terror… …consumes any cyber security professional, incident response personnelor senior executive when hearing the dreaded word “hacked”. At least this was the case some years ago. In today’s world, not...

Internet of Things
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Tom Basiliere, CIO, Provant

 I was on vacation a few weeks ago, sitting on a beach on Cape Cod, when a friend of mine asked, “Hey, do you have the Shark Tracker app? I want to check to see if there are any sharks in the water today.” Really? This real-time...

Doing Things in a Whole New Way
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Shane Miller, CIO, HSHS Division-Eastern Wisconsin

The Role of a CIO Today I don’t feel the role of a CIO has changed a lot on the surface in comparison to the last 5 (or so) years. Yes, the specific items we talk about in the technology field have evolved, and there are things we may...

The Strategic Role of Health Information Technology Systems in Modern Health
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Jake Dorst, CIO, Tahoe Forest Hospital District

HITS for care providers and health systems have focused on taking care of patients when they arrive at facilities with an illness, then reporting to insurance payers for payment for services– supporting the volume based fee for service...

How Health Care Providers Can Use Digital Platforms to Engage Consumers and Build Trust
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Steven Magid, MD, Chief Medical Information Officer, Hospital for Special Surgery

Businesses that ignore social media channels for mar­keting and public relations do so to their own detri­ment. The same holds true for health care provid­ers. Indeed, the past five years have seen explosive growth in the number of...

Can healthcare benefit from the social networking model?
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Lloyd Mangnall,CIO, AMC Health

That is a key question we have been exploring at AMC Health as we strive for disruptive innovation in real-time virtual care. Traditionally, virtual care was viewed as remote patient monitoring – where each patient’s biometric readings...

Technology Enables Patient Empowerment
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Kristin H. Darby, Ex CIO, Cancer Treatment Centers of America®

We are entering a time of dramatic transformation within medical care with a focus on technology. Every clinician I speak with expresses elevating needs and expectations for how technology will support them in care delivery. As a healthcare...

Leveraging Technology in Healthcare to Create Magic
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John Showalter, Chief Health Information Officer, University of Mississippi Medical Center

Health IT must make a choice: we can make excuses, or we can make magic. We can blame physicians for their lack of engagement, meaningful use for distracting us from innovation that changing practices is too expensive, and that technology...

Moving Towards the App Driven World
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Denise Zabawski, CIO, Nationwide Children’s Hospital

A few weeks ago I was talking with a colleague about a vendor selection for a content management solution. One option was inexpensive the other nearly five times the cost. As we discussed through the differences, we realized that the more...

Demandforce: The Complete Marketing Solution for Practitioners
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Jonathan Tucker Des, VP

Demandforce provides a marketing automation platform that streamlines customer recall and activation to boost the growth of the business
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