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Implementing Data Visualization in Healthcare
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Michael Ricci, CIO, Massachusetts Eye and Ear

As the Chief Information Officer at Massachusetts Eye and Ear (MEE) in Boston, I have been privileged to work with an amazing group of health care providers and the large repository of clinical, operational, and research data they have...

How Recent Technology Developments and Transformations in Healthcare are Impacting your Business Environment
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Dr. Dhrumil Shah, CMIO & CIO, Compass Medical

The healthcare industry is at a crossroads. Changing priorities, conflicts, opportunities, advances and declines are all measures that affect the direction of healthcare and the ability to achieve success. Today’s healthcare arena...

Should We Really Point the Finger at Technology for Patient Care Challenges?
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Sheri Stoltenberg, Founder & CEO, Stoltenberg Consulting

As patient expectations evolve, today’s healthcare providers must also adjust in order to meet consumer demands along with government mandates and reimbursement requirements. Yet still, many clinicians struggle with providing desired patient...

Doing Things in a Whole New Way
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Shane Miller, CIO, HSHS Division-Eastern Wisconsin

The Role of a CIO Today I don’t feel the role of a CIO has changed a lot on the surface in comparison to the last 5 (or so) years. Yes, the specific items we talk about in the technology field have evolved, and there are things we may...

Emerus Embraces Premier Healthcare Technology to Pioneer New Model for Community Medical Care
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Larry Guillory, Chief Administrative Officer,EmerusHoldingsInc.

Since its founding in 2006, Emerus Hospitals has embraced a patient-centered approach to medical care, with premier healthcare technology leading the way toward streamlining traditional hospital emergency room methods and processes. A high...

It's Easy to Get Lost When Creating an Enterprise Analytic Strategy
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Nicholas Marko, Chief Data Officer, Geisinger health System

A few years ago I was driving through Detroit with my wife and some friends on our way to a weekend getaway. My attention was split between their conversations, the directions being dictated from the in-dash GPS, and the few feet of dark road in...

CitiusTech Introduces CQ-IQ, the First Cloud-Hosted Clinical Rules Engine
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PRINCETON, NJ: CitiusTech launches its first clinical quality analytics platform in the cloud named CQ-IQ. Being the first of its kind, Healthcare specialized organizations will be able to leverage CQ-IQ with advanced CQM (Clinical Quality...

Enhanced Revenue Solutions: Fostering Unparalleled Revenue Enhancement
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Kristeen Coronado, President & CEO

Provides medical billing support and services to health systems, hospitals, and physician practices

Skytron: Augmenting Clinical Efficiency of Operating Rooms
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Jim Pytlik, Director of Clinical Business Intelligence, Jennifer Daniel, Assistant Product Manager and David Mehney, CEO

Skytron is a provider of reliable and versatile medical equipment and software solutions in the operating room management landscape. The mission of the Skytron is to deliver superior equipment for healthcare organizations and has been a part of...

Stratus Interoperable: Reimagining Data Interoperability for Optimized Healthcare
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Fred Zolla, Executive Chairman

StratusLink, a data management and advanced analytics platform, enables decision-makers at all levels to quickly access, analyze and share comprehensive patient health data to inform better decisions, deliver more accurate performance metrics and...

GetixHealth: Unraveling Revenue Management Woes
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Charles Bracken, Founder & CEO

Provides services and technologies to hospitals and physician groups in the areas of Revenue Cycle Management (RCM)

Vee Technologies: Customizable RCM Systems for the Heath-care
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CV. Chockalingam, CEO & MD

A global strategic services company, providing specialized RCM solutions in Healthcare domain

Stratus Interoperable: Reimagining Data Interoperability for Optimized Healthcare
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Berry Brunk, CEO

Headquartered in Nanuet, NY Stratus Interoperable was founded by healthcare data and technology leaders committed to building an all-in-one tool that would provide the data access, analysis, and distribution capabilities needed by healthcare...

CollaborateMD: A cloud-based medical billing and practice management software
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Douglas Kegler, CEO

CollaborateMD provides a cloud-based medical billing and practice management software services for independent medical practices and hospitals. The company's software uses real-time claim submission and built-in edits to integrate with various...